Interview of Julia Orteza, Head dental assistant

Interview “At Smile and Care, dentists and dental assistants always prioritise dialogue to find solutions together.”  Julia Orteza, Head Dental Assistant   Julia Orteza is the Head Dental Assistant at Smile and Care Eaux-Vives. Born in the Philippines, she came to Switzerland at the age of nine as her father worked with the United Nations […]

Interview with Dr. Maria Bilinska, dentist

Interview “Our job is a form of craftsmanship: we have to master the technical skills and be creative.” Dr Maria Bilinska, Dentist at Smile and Care From a very young age, Maria Bilinska dreamed of becoming a dentist. An old diary – found years later – bears witness to this. What she loves most about […]

Caroline de Carvalho, orthodontist, shares her passion for her profession

Interview “Personalised follow-up of an orthodontic treatment is essential. Like my patients, I look forward to monitoring their progress.” Dr Caroline De Carvalho, Orthodontist at Smile and Care Holding a postgraduate degree in Orthodontics, Doctor Caroline de Carvalho is passionate about her profession. As meticulous as she is gentle, she divides her time between the […]

Swiss dental high technology : A unique solution for the treatment of periodontal diseases and caries

AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master is EMS Dental’s latest innovation. Manufactured in Switzerland and developed in the EMS Research Centre in Nyon, it guarantees Swiss precision. Dedicated to gum treatments, handled by Smile & Care’s periodontal specialist, it guarantees maximum oral hygiene. A unique solution The AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master has undergone over 100,000 hours of technical and […]

High-tech dental equipment: The 3D scanner

The    latest  major  advance  in  dental  care is  the integration  of  digital technology  at  every  stage  thereof.  Always   seeking  to make  the  latest  technologies available  to  our  patients,  Smile  and  Care  now offers  an  intra-oral scanning  system. The intra-oral 3D  scanner creates a 3D digital image of the teeth, which  then  allows the laboratory  to […]