For sportsmen and women

Mouth guard (for adults)

To protect the teeth while practicing contact and fighting sports (boxing, rugby, ice hockey, polo).

It is done by the dental technician after making precise individual moulds. In the all-in deal are also included: a professional cleaning and polishing, a storage box and a care set.

The color of your mouth guard can be chosen and can even match the color of your sports club!

20% reduction is offered for an order of 10 from the same club.


Mouth guard (for children)


During orthodontic treatment

They are made the same way as for adults (see above) and is also preceded by professional cleaning and polishing.

Special attention is applied for children wearing orthodontic brackets so that wearing the mouth guard doesn’t influence the treatment.


Special package for adults: mouth guard + grinding shield

All-in deal for sportsmen and women wishing to have at the same time a mouth guard and an anti-bruxism shield to protect the teeth against grinding during the night.

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