Dentistry is a constantly evolving field, with new technologies constantly being offered to professionals in the field. At Smile and Care, we are committed to ensuring that our patients receive accurate diagnoses, efficient care, and comfort at every stage of the treatment plan.

Our equipment

1. TV screens ensuring comfort and detailed care

Lying in armchairs that ensure their maximum comfort, our patients can watch a film or a series during dental care or learn more about the treatment being given as the latter can also be projected on the screen.

2. The 3D scanner: ideal for digital dental impressions

caméra intra orale smile care

The 3D intra-oral scanner creates a digital 3D image of your teeth, which then enables the laboratory to create computer-generated dental prostheses (aligners, veneers, crowns, and bridges). This intra-oral scanner is a real diagnostic and digital impression tool.

Discover the 3D scanner in detail on this link.

3. Promax 3D: an ultra-accurate 3D scanner with maximum comfort

Equipped with a touch-screen, this 3D dental imaging machine is fast and ensures that our patients stay relaxed, comfortable, and do not feel claustrophobic. A relaxed patient guarantees better-quality imaging. This high-tech device meets a multitude of diagnostic needs, namely: endodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, or implantology.

More information on this technology on this link.

4. The Sopro intra-oral camera, ideal for detecting caries

la caméra Sopro, un instrument révolutionnaire dans la détection de caries

Now a world standard in high-resolution imaging, this camera opens up new possibilities for diagnosing caries and for periodontal treatment. The camera instantly highlights caries, plaque, and gum inflammation. This new instrument enables us to do a complete and rapid assessment of your oral health. The camera has the SOPRO patent based on fluorescence.

Find out more about the intra-oral camera on this link.

5. Airflow: the latest prevention and treatment technology for the removal of biofilm, stains, and tartar

Made in Switzerland and developed in the Nyon-based EMS research centre, it guarantees Swiss precision. Dedicated to gum treatments and handled by the Smile and Care periodontal specialist, it guarantees maximum oral hygiene. In supra- and sub-gingival use, the device effectively removes bacterial film and recently-formed stains, offering patients exceptional comfort.

Discover the Airflow technology on this link.

6. Quicksleeper, for painless anaesthesia

Pédodontie traitements pour enfants

Fear of pain affects a large share of our patients – and children are no exception. To avoid painful anaesthesia, our pedodontists use a painless, localised, and effective anaesthetic technique called Quicksleeper. Throughout the treatment, the dental assistant ensures the wellbeing of the child and the parents.

Thanks to this solution, the fear of injections is over! This transcortical anaesthesia technique allows for a painless and highly localised injection. As a result, the child’s lip or tongue will not be numb, thus avoiding accidental biting or the discomfort caused by a classic anaesthetic. Presented in the form of a magic pen, the child will not be afraid of the injection.

Find out more about the Quicksleeper use in providing special care to children on this link.

7. A state-of-the-art microscope for excellent dentistry

The M320D dental microscope provides optimal visualisation of both surgical and non-surgical dental treatments. Endodontics, periodontics, and implantology are performed with high precision, and treatment results are optimised. The microscope also allows the 4K images to be shown to the patient live or via video. Treatment options are therefore discussed in an informative and simple way. The treatment of caries, root canals, prosthetic work, and all fine surgery are therefore greatly facilitated, and the results obtained greatly increased.

8. Sterilisation

All sterilisation processes are approved by the Federal Office of Public Health and apply the Federal Act on Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of 15 December 2000, as well as the Medical Devices Ordinance (MedDO, or ODim in French) of 17 October 2001. We ensure the full traceability of the sterilisation process.