caméra intra orale smile care

The    latest  major  advance  in  dental  care is  the integration  of  digital technology  at  every  stage  thereof.  Always   seeking  to make  the  latest  technologies available  to  our  patients,  Smile  and  Care  now offers  an  intra-oral scanning  system.

The intra-oral 3D  scanner creates a 3D digital image of the teeth, which  then  allows the laboratory  to create computer-generated dental prostheses (dental trays, veneers, crowns, and bridges). The 3D scanner’s accuracy is to the tune of a few hundredths of a millimetre.

caméra intra orale

Undeniable patient comfort

This intra-oral scanner is a true diagnostic and digital tool for dental impressions.

It allows:

  • A joint diagnosis – together with the  patient – through 3D visualisation on a display
  • The rapid creation of computer-generated dental impressions that are more accurate than those taken using dental impression paste in the mouth.
  • Digital files to be sent to the laboratory for computer-generation of the future dental prostheses (transparent trays, veneers, surgical templates, crowns, and dental bridges…).

A unique treatment experience that promotes patient involvement 

This innovative technology provides an ideal communication platform between the dentist  and the patient. In addition, the true-colour prints are  fast, accurate, and easy to take. It also facilitates the provision of information on oral health and proposed treatment plans.

caméra intra orale smile care

On-screen presentation allows visual communication with the patient.

Irrefutable benefits

  • Time-savings: appointment times are reduced
  • Greater comfort compared to conventional impressions
  • Quality communication with the patient is ensured
  • Superior digital impression
  • 3D computer design
  • A metal-free and aesthetically pleasing dental restoration
  • Greater health safety thanks to digital impressions

At Smile and Care, our quest for innovation is ongoing and we are proud to be able to offer this state-of-the-art product to our patients.