All periodontal diseases are diagnosed and treated in Smile and Care by one of our two specialists in periodontology SSP/SSO. So do not hesitate to take an appointment if needed.


What is gingivitis ?

A healthy gingiva is pink, does not bleed and has a firm consistency. The presence of bacterial dental plaque produces an inflammatory reaction of the gingiva called gingivitis“: the gums are red, swell and bleed.

Gingivitis is a reversible disease treated by scaling. New oral health habits must be adapted for each patient.


What is a periodontitis ?

Periodontitis in an inflammatory bacterial disease, not only located on the gums but also affecting teeth support. In case of non-treated gingivitis, inflammation propagates to the bone surrounding teeth which is destroyed by bacterial attacks. A non-treated periodontitis results in teeth mobility, gingival recession, bad breath, bone loss, and finally to teeth loss.

Periodontitis is painless disease, and progresses over years. However, an acute phase like an abscess should alarm the patients who should immediately consult a periodontologist or a general practitioner.


How to prevent periodontitis ?

Brushing your teeth correctly avoids dental plaque formation on teeth surfaces and therefore Gingivitis. Without the first step of gingivitis, no periodontitis can occur. In conclusion brushing your teeth twice a day is necessary to maintain good oral heath. We recommend a professional scaling and polishing by a dental hygienist twice a year.


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