Dental implants are screws, generally in titanium, placed into the bone to replace a missing root. A crown or a bridge is then fixed on this artificial root.

This technique allows one single missing tooth, several missing teeth or a complete arch to be replaced with fixed crowns. Implants can also help to stabilize a complete removable prosthesis.


The crown :

Supported by the implant, the crown is made by a laboratory technician from an impression taken by the dentist about six weeks after the implant surgery. An immediate loading of the crown on the implant is possible in certain cases. This would be evaluated by the dentist and is not always possible as there is a higher rate of failure than the standard procedure.


The abutment :

The abutment links the implant to the crown and is screwed into the implant.


The implant collar :

The implant collar is between the gum and the bone.


The implant body :

This implant body is screwed into the bone.


Materials :

Implants are made from pure titanium due to its technical and biological qualities. No allergy to titanium has been reported in scientific literature.

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